VCB200 Occunomix Vulcan Cowboy Hard Hat with 6-Point Ratchet Suspension

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The OccuNomix American Classic Cowboy Hard Hat encourages workers to wear head protection even when the foreman is not around. It is compliant with ANSI Z89.1, Type I, Class E, and G standards. The hard hat's outer shell, made of high-density polyethylene, resists penetration, deflects blows from falling objects, reduces danger from low and high-voltage electrical conductors, and is slow-burning and water-resistant. The VCB200 design features a custom curled extra-wide brim for added UV and rain protection compared to standard or full-brim hard hats, as well as a vintage-inspired pinch-front top for authentic appeal, with a date of manufacture embossed on the inside shell. The Vulcan Cowboy Hard Hat's ratchet suspension features a super-soft yet strong, six-point woven nylon web-crown strap system that acts as a rugged shock absorber with six load-bearing points, spreading the impact over a larger area and stabilizing the Hard Hat. The suspension includes a "dial your size" feature, allowing for precise personalization with ratchet sizing adjustment in 1/8" increments, which is non-irritating. Included FREE with Suspension - detachable plush cotton terry, laminated over soft foam, Front Sweatband for moisture wicking-comfort and snug fit. OccuNomix VCB200 Features: 6-point deluxe nylon ratchet suspension Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1, class E & G Front Cotton Terry Sweatband Extra wide brim provides more UV protection Hard hat shell Made in USA

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