OCC1100-10R OccuNomix Poly/Cotton Hot Rods Hand Warming Heat Packs (5 Pair Per Pack)

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OccuNomix Hot Rods™ Winter Liner and Heat Packs Head Liner: Give winter a warm welcome with Hot Rods™ wind-resistant, waterproof head liner. Made of poly/cotton outer shell with soft fleece lining on the inside. Sewn-in pockets are positioned to cover the ears, and it comes with two regular Hot Rods™ Heat Packs to insert into each pocket, if desired. Equipped with 3 suspension tabs for securing to safety heat. Hot Rods™ Heat Packs can be used as hand and body warmers Features Simply activate and insert into pockets, gloves, mittens or socks. Heat packs last up to 11 hours once activated. Available in two sizes Warms up within 2 minutes Lasts up to 8 hours Great for winter liners, jackets & gloves Pack of 5 pairs
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