PLR511 Build-A-Berm Barrier Kit
PLR511 Build-A-Berm Barrier Kit

PLR511 Build-A-Berm Barrier Kit

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Build a semi-permanent barrier around your machinery or storage areas with our crush-resistant spill berm kit.

  • Barriers can be constructed into a semi-permanent, high-visibility barrier that's exactly the size and shape you need - indoors or out
  • Pliable open-cell foam barrier springs back into shape after you walk or roll over it with light, wheeled equipment
  • Durable, 18-oz. all-vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals
  • Cut to length with utility knife; for best sealing results, secure to a smooth, sealed surface with Sili-Thane sealant (included); join seams with Industrial-Strength Vinyl Cement (sold separately)
  • Contain leaks and spills around your machinery without building expensive concrete curbs or cutting and installing angle iron
  • High-visibility yellow color draws attention to barrier for increased safety
  • Easy removal requires only a flat-bladed shovel
  • Great for use around battery charging stations, machinery or any other leak-prone areas
  • Kit includes straight sections, corners and Sili-Thane sealant; create any length, shape or configuration to suit your application or environment

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