M19421 Master Lock® 1½
M19421 Master Lock® 1½' Jaw Steel Lockout Hasp

M19421 Master Lock® 1½" Jaw Steel Lockout Hasp

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Made of heavy stamped steel, Master Lock Safety Series ML421 steel lockout hasp features thick red plastic coating for high visibility. The lockout hasp allows for lockout of the same piece of equipment by up to 6 workers. The 1 1/2" jaw accommodates padlocks up to 6-3/8", including the ML411RED and ML411BLU safety lockout padlocks. Tamper-resistant scissor-style means security and durability. 1 1/2" jaw Works with up to 6-3/8" padlocks Tamper-resistant scissor-style For lockout by up to 6 workers Compatible with ML411RED and ML411BLU padlocks

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