DWH12L-ANT Enespro 12
DWH12L-ANT Enespro 12' Leather Glove Protectors

DWH12L-ANT Enespro 12" Leather Glove Protectors

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NSA Arc Guard leather glove protectors are an important piece of PPE to be used with electrical insulating gloves, also known as rubber voltage gloves or rubber insulating gloves. Leather protector gloves are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for those who work with electricity.

  •  Fabric/Material: Leather
  •  Leather glove protectors should be used any time rubber voltage gloves are in use
  • Class 2 rubber voltage gloves (sold separately) should be worn with 12" leather glove protectors
  •  Leather glove protectors are not required to be marked with a date
  •  Imported
  • Compliance with Standards:
  •  NFPA 70E
  •  CSA Z462
  •  ASTM F696

Part Number: TMPSKU2206
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